The company has grown from its basic trading strengths in various product groups comprising:
♦ Steel & Metals : MS Billets, Deformed Bars, Angles / Channels, Plates, HR and CR coils, Non Ferrous, Metals , Metal Scrap, Steel Tubes, Oil Pipes , Metal Strapping, Aluminized pipes for Exhaust and mufflers in Automobile industry, Aluminum ingots, Stainless steel sheets and HR and CR coils etc.
♦ Engineering/ Industrial Products: Auto Parts/ Spares Valves, General Machinery’s & Equipment, Petroleum Products: HSD,
Kerosene, Fuel Oils, Asphalt, Bulk Items: Coal, Fertilizers, Industrial Salt and engineering products.
♦ Agri Commodities : Pulses/ Lentils, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Raw Cashew nut, Cashew kernels, Groundnuts, Copra, Cocoa, Maize, Coffee, Tea, Animal Feeds/ Proteins and minerals, Oilcakes, feed supplements, and Raw cotton, Dry fruits like Almonds, Dry Grapes, cashew kernel , Spices, Canned food products, spices of all kinds from turmeric, black pepper, anise flower, cassia etc.
• Animal feeds: Soybean meal, Rice bran extraction, Rape seed meal, castor seed meal, sunflower meal, Ground nut meal, wheat bran, wheat bran pellets, Feed supplements for poultry, swine, aqua, cattle and other live stocks industries and other raw materials used in feed industries.
• We supply all frozen meats, poultries, sea food exports from Vietnam and also from other countries vice versa.
• Agrochemicals: supply for all kind technical, formulations, fertilizers, organic and inorganic compounds, seeds, sprayers and agricultural farming equipments.
♦ Industrial chemicals: supply of Soda ash, caustic soda, petrochemicals, and other chemicals, Dyestuffs and Industrial Chemicals, Solvents etc.
♦ Pharmaceuticals/ : Supply of API, Bulk Drugs, Formulations of all kinds of health care products, Medical Consumables / Accessories, Surgical Instruments and hospital equipments and manufacturing machines
♦ Consumer Products: Wide Range of Branded Non- Durable (viz. beverages, edible oils, soaps ,etc.) Durable, Leather Products, Electronic, Home appliances / Office Automation items, Luggage, PP woven bags, Shopping PE bags etc.
♦ Textile Products and apparels : All kinds of Textiles, Sewing Thread, Yarns (cotton, Polyester, Viscose ) Textiles machinery & parts, Silicon softeners, textile chemicals etc and also undertake all kinds of Garments exports.
♦ Machinery: We supply complete turnkey projects for PP woven sacks, Cement bags, Geo Fabrics, Jumbo bags, Complete from Extrusion to Looms to laminations, cutting/stitching and printing machine.
♦ We also supply machineries for raw cashew nut processing line, joss sticks machineries and raw materials like bamboo sticks, joss powder, aroma chemicals, unperfumed sticks too.